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Type 9123-1N Current Probe

Type 7334-1 Loop Sensor
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A: 4.5" (11.43 cm) D: 0.75" (1.90 cm)
B: 3.0" (7.60 cm) W: 1.25" (3.17 cm)
C: 1.375" (3.49 cm)  
Frequency range: 10 kHz to 500 MHz
Transfer impedance (ZT): 1.0 to 5.0 Ω above 300 kHz
Output load impedance: 50 + j 0 Ω
Continuous signal current (CW): 40 A
Maximum power current: 200 A DC to 400 Hz
Maximum power voltage: Limited by the conductor under test
Peak pulse current: 60 A maximum
Probe circuit: Inserted primary toroidal transformer
Connector: Type "N" female
Style: Clamp on
Weight: 1.2 pounds (0.55 kg)
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Solar Type 9123-1N