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Solar Type 7032-3 Isolation Transformer


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Solar Type 7032-3 Isolation Transformer
There are times when it is necessary to step up the power line voltages from 115 V to 230 V. This transformer is equipped with a male connector on the 115 V winding and a female connector on the 230 V winding. The connectors are the international style IEC-320/CEE 22. Mating plugs not supplied. Rated at 800 W, 50-60 Hz.

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Dimensions: 7.75" wide x 4.50" high x 3.25 deep" (19.69 cm x 11.43 cm x 8.26 cm)
Weight: 20.69 pounds (9.38 kg)
Shipping weight: 26 pounds (11.79 kg)