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Type 2201-2 Impedance Matching Transformer

for DO-160 Section 17

for use with Solar Type 7054-2 Spike Generator

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Tr: ≤ 2 µS (0 to crest)
Duration: > 10 µS (0 to crossover)
Generator impedance: 50 Ω load generator with 50 Ω. Voltage must drop to half the open circuit voltage ± 10% (40.9 Ω to 61.1 Ω)
Peak voltage: Up to 1000 V peak
Due to core saturation the EUT current must not exceed 7 A for DC to 60 Hz and 3 A for 400 Hz.
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Solar Type 2201-2 fig-1
Solar Type 2201-2 fig-2